EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE of Likely Pfizer Vaccine Injured Patient Telling Their Story

I am sharing the story of Angelina Lynn Deselle – a Charities crowdfunding project in Glasgow by Temora Yuille (crowdfunder.co.uk)


Ok, so now I am ANGRY… and I want you to get ANGRY too – and I want you to share your ANGER, until there is not a righteous person on a single remote patch of this wide world web connected planet that isn’t filled with fury.   

I say ‘righteous’ because I mean RIGHTEOUS – there’s not much that I am in a position to get ‘HOLIER THAN THOU’ about, and, if you are honest, perhaps you’re in the same burning boat – but there is one Corona related fight that we can all get HIGH AND MIGHTY about TOGETHER.  One issue, over which, we can STAND UNITED, the minority, (in multi-millionaire terms), 99%, (proletariat), global population – and smoke that 1% into submission.

So, stoke that self-righteous fire, until the blaze of ‘ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THIS SMALL SPINNING BLUE BALL IN THE SKY’, roars up your ‘IF I ONLY DO ONE GOOD THING IN THIS LIFE’ chimney and get ready to help me burn some serious injustice to hell. 

Regardless of how you feel about vaccinations – and DON’T YOU DARE SWITCH OFF here – I am NOT about to go on an anti-vax tirade; even if you snort vaccines daily off of public toilets, you will be just as angry as the most dyed-in-the-charity-shop-wool anti-vaxxer by what I have to say.  

Whether you are for/against/agnostic or a vaccine day tripper, (Yellow Fever for a Silverback Gorilla sighting, you say, ‘Oooh, risk vs reward, let me weigh those odds…’) – the indisputable truth about ALL vaccines, is that, no matter how positive for the majority – think Smallpox or Polio – a very small percentage of the people who take ANY vaccine will suffer significant, life changing, damage.   

And, just to be loud and clear here, in case my ‘I AM NOT ON AN ANTI-VAX TRIP’ didn’t beat it through the purple haze – I am not talking about Autism, (rightly or wrongly), no government accepts that any form of Autism is a vaccine related injury, however, ALL governments accept that vaccine related injuries are a reality of EVERY vaccine; they simply believe that the risk is worth the reward. 

This is a link to the government Vaccine Injury Payment webpage Vaccine Damage Payment – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) – which tells you what you are entitled to in the event that you are ‘severely disabled’ as a result of a government administered vaccine, (an absolute insult to be honest – but that’s a fight for another day). 

ALL vaccines will injure SOME people – and ALL governments KNOW that – so, as is quite rightly the case, in recognition of the time honoured ‘taking one for the team’ virtue, they offer compensation to the small PERCENTAGE of people whose lives are torn asunder, (which is actually quite a large number of people, considering the size of any give national population). 

So, when 42-year-old, Joe Bloggs goes, out of the goodness of his heart, (to save you and your 80 year old, babes in arms, from harm), for his first dose of the Pfizer Corona virus vaccine and then, a few days later, develops symptoms, with life altering implications, one would expect, that some sort of ‘espirt de corps’, would apply? C’est vrai? Ne c’est pas? Absolutement pas!! C’est ne pas vrai. C’est ne pas vrai AT ALL!!  

Currently, In the UK, Joe Bloggs can only expect to receive up to a maximum of £120K if he can prove a causal link between the Covid 19 vaccine and a minimum of 60% disablement, (whatever that means). Or, to put it another way, having been rendered an absolute minimum of 60% incompetent, he will have to prove a causal link between the vaccine and his injury – ruling out every other possible cause… even if his injuries took days or weeks to develop.

Surely, at the very least, what we actually want is for him to be financially compensated to some relevant degree – and, at the very most, held up as a HERO, financially supported for the rest of his life by the government/1%, (or, failing that, crowd funded to fuck by the penniless but eternally grateful peasantry). 

Well, let me introduce you to ONE of these HEROES.  Her name is Angelia Lynn Desselle and she is a 45-year-old, from New Orleans, Louisiana.   

For those of you that don’t live in the USA, you may not know that they don’t have a National Health Service like we do in the UK – so, if an American gets really unwell, even if they start off with a reasonable amount of money, their lives can become impossibly debt ridden or, as a result of lack of treatment, their physical or mental suffering may be/come unbearable.  Let’s not even bother talking about what would happen to a Corona virus vaccine damaged African, (because, let’s face it, if no one cares about an upstanding, employed, white, American, woman then that poor, severely disabled, African man or woman, can G right TF).      

I UNDERSTAND that the argument regarding indemnity against suing for vaccine injury, in this case, was because we needed to SAVE HUMANITY from the bubonic corona virus plague which is sweeping our corpse ridden streets.  So, if we wanted the vaccine industry to come up with a solution to our present-day-Ebola-equivalent-epidemic and SAVE OUR LIVES, we had to promise not to sue them when, as is inevitable, with ANY vaccine and, arguably, (but let’s not bother), FAR MORE likely with a vaccine that has been developed over a short period, (regarding which, there is obviously no long-term data, on effects like fertility/susceptibility to cancer/liver function etc. because there has been NO LONG TERM).   

I actually get the argument, (I think almost all of the variables are cotton candy and the equation was built by Willy Wonka) – but, if Ebola was sweeping the world, I would want a vaccine and I would be happy for the vaccine manufacturers to be given indemnity from prosecution.  BUT, (and you NEVER start a sentence with BUT, so this is a BIG ASS BUT), I would want the, (hopefully small), percentage of people who were injured as a result of the vaccine, to be given, at a minimum, a capped amount of financial compensation – as well as the full support of their local communities, the national and international press and the whole wide webbed world.

ALL of these companies can well afford a capped amount of financial compensation.  They KNEW some people would get injured.  It was INEVITABLE.  

There are only two reasons that you would offer nothing: 

One would be, if you thought that people were SO scared, that you could get away with Genghis Khan style GREED, on a specially made scale for avarice of never-before-prophesised proportions  

Or, if you thought that the odds of loads of people getting injured in a serious – and indisputably vaccine related way – were so high that paying them all, even a capped amount, would make you go bust.   

So, let’s give these good, God-fearing folks the benefit of the doubt and assume that, rather than being motivated by the fear that their vaccine was likely to do FAR MORE HARM THAN GOOD, they were simply motivated by grotesque amounts of GREED.   

Well.  Guess what?  It’s not ok.  You can stick your GREED.  We’re not having it. 

I want you to know that before going live with this on my blog, (because I believe that they deserve so much more coverage than I alone can possibly give them) – I tried to interest the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, an old contact at the BBC, and lots of other ‘highly reputable’ news sources.  

Nada. Nothing. Zero. Ziltch. Zippo. 

No one wants to make the case that people who get injured by the Corona virus vaccine should be given, at the very least, a basic amount of compensation.  The silent violence is deafening. 

Obviously, I am limited in my ability to verify my source(s) – but I have tried – and, do you know what?  Even if these people are fraudsters, there will be others out there who are not.  Injury to some people is inevitable. 

I have copies of this woman’s vaccination certificates – I will post them for you to peruse. Facebook, Facebook

I have spoken at reasonable length, via Facebook messenger, with her son, who basically told me to ‘Fuck off’ when I pointed out that being a Trump supporting, rifle toting, red-neck who upheld the storming of the Capitol and thinks BLM is a terrorist organisation, wasn’t going to do his credibility much good; I liked him better after he told me to Fuck off, at least he is a man of integrity – and he is also a devoted son, a loving husband and father to three kids – and someone who commutes an hour and a half each way to work each day to feed and support his family.   

I have seen the video that he posted on his Facebook page of his mother shaking so badly that she could barely walk, (COVID19 VACCINE INJURY OF BRANT GRINER’S MOM IS BEING INVESTIGATED #PFIZER (bitchute.com) – as well as the video that I am about to post, which has never been seen before, featuring his mother speaking directly to the camera about what has happened to her.   

She doesn’t rant or rave, she’s not anti-vax, (obviously) – and she doesn’t even tell people not to get it.  She simply explains the effect that having taken the Pfizer Covid vaccination has had on her life.  She is an entirely plausible woman in her mid-forties, who manages some sort of clinic and has doctors and nurses for colleagues and friends.   

I think the most heart-breaking moment is where she explains that she only took the vaccine because her Mum isn’t in the best health and she didn’t want to be to one to give her Covid.  At which juncture, I cannot help but ask the question – and I am not being facile; if the Covid vaccine is so effective, 95% is the oft quoted figure – and we administered it to all the elderly and more highly susceptible people who wanted it… why would anyone else need to take it at all?  

Regardless, however, of what you think about Covid-19 or vaccinations in general – I am sure that we can all agree, that people who take the Covid-19 vaccine should, at the very least, be given a capped amount of financial compensation in the event of injury.   

So, please, watch this ladies’ account of her experience, get angry that there’s no inevitable, inviolable compensation coming her way and get sharing.  To be 100% transparent, the family have made it clear to me that they are not looking for money – it is me that thinks they deserve financial restitution.   

Please help me to raise their profile and the profile of any other person who has ‘taken one for the team’ – and let’s get so angry that the fact that the government slyly, sidled through legislation, granting vaccine companies complete financial immunity, ultimately gives them NO PROTECTION at all, from the burning wrath of humanity scorned.

Please Share! If you can’t see a ‘Share’ button then please just lift the link from the browser bar – I’m not looking for credit, I just want the story out there, so that these people – and others like them – are impossible to ignore.

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